reflections in the swamp

by Jordan Hughes

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it started as an album about love with a woman and ended a pursuit for more of god. i am going on a journey starting today (the album release day). i will be with my backpack and its indefinite how long it will be. the money donated to the album will be my only income right now! im going to see the world with my thumb out. ill miss you.


released November 10, 2012

victoria de vries sings on wildest rose
ryan penner makes noises on the telephone on religion



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Jordan Hughes Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: dad, can you toss me up?
Dad can you toss me up?
you said if we spend this moment together
than i could see the tops of the trees
trespassing beyond my humanity

the pond is still when its frozen over
but the waters are rushing down beneath the cover
drill me through ill take your advice
when the labour turned out to be nice

i cannot notice when i have two things (and one is missing)
but when i have a single thing and its gone its all i see (one is missing)

you are the calcium
that builds up my bones and clicks me in place
tied me up with your tree lights
rainbow glow waltz in peace

shift your shadow, wear the sun
i’ve tried all things your’e the only one
throne of moss, sunflower pillars
you came here first to the earth

you’re not the alien from elsewhere (please come home)
the places you’ve made cannot be left alone (don’t leave me alone)

i fell into the net
you cut my ropes and let me be
so i can really see my need
you are spectacularly
good to me

i like to swim in the sun’s fire
clouds full of all of your desires
Track Name: wildest rose
walked alone until this year when i met you at the wood
deeper talks the nearer to you and we both understood
brushed your shoulder with my arm as we smile in the cold
touched your hand to say goodbye for now until were old

all the stories you told
were with your eyes, the novels
and my old man knows
that I dont feel worthy at all

weeping willows welcome spring into its part
listen close and hear the thumping of my beating heart
tears roll down your cheek so lovely and i know youll wait for me
im drentched in rain and laughing brightly its joy in sincerity

all the poems you wrote
were with your eyes alone
all these robes ive torn
redeemed and re-sown

no need for all my imagination cause you are like a dream
thoughts of you made my cheeks soar from all the smirking
i tried to stay here on the west coast but its time for me to leave
moving to another land but lady, we’ll wait and see.

and the storms arose,
from your glowing eyes
i stumble across the wildest rose
and she told stories with her eyes
in your eyes i stumble across a suprise
sufficient king supplier of all my needs.
Track Name: sitting on the stump
i live outside a kingdom in the ditch
watch all my friends go inside of it

its the only city that will be here to the end
and when the end comes it wont pretend

my heart feels full of bitterness
i wonder what did i miss

my friends climb trees to the top
i sit down on the stump

i have a puzzle sitting undone on my coffee table
to put the peices together i dont feel able

its really hard to live with these circumstances
but its better to be hurting than to be angry

i went to some places to try to change myself
it turns out where you are, doesnt change who you are

i want to be with god, i want to be his friend
but its hard to be his friend, when he took away my other friend

i want to go inside that kingdom
because im cold and sad and its starting to kill me

i walk up to the small gates
i can only enter if i bring nothing with me.

ive never had a broken heart in all my youth
but now i feel like ive been torn apart

ive never been so sad in all my life
hopefully i wont become bitter
Track Name: good intentions
good intentions

its been a long while
since youve seen my smile
ive tried to give you rest
but you’ve built up a mess

i have good intentions
i have good intentions

its alright i will fight
your fight for you

taste and see
i will be the light
flickering inside
your life

your eyelids open
morning sunshine
hold my hand
when you’re ready

i have good intentions
i have good intentions

its alright i will take your burdens
on my shoulders

taste and see
i will be the light
flickering inside
your life

can you see that i am good i want to show my world to you
i love everything you are and in my image you did start
take this blood and wash your self youll see the pattern of my help
i come and stay and never leave my favor you will not believe
my blood will make you free
my heart melts when you see
my love will always always be.
Track Name: promise
i let you go in the bright of the day
the sun had shone and you thought i was great
lips collide oh it felt so nice
all in the dark all in the shade

your heart tied to mine only in time you’ll escape
you chained me down sliced me with your blade
slice away slice away
wings so sharp
wings so young

i made a promise

you didn’t promise

what is in a promise
what is in a kiss
what is a promise
what did i miss
you did make a promise
vows lost in the abyss
Track Name: i dont need
i dont need her
i did like her
i do miss her
all i need is
you my king
i dont need
Track Name: reflections in the swamp
light shined so bright that it stopped the fight
of a thousand years in my mind, the crowns ive made were a bind
his breath breathed so long but i was turning wrong
until i woke in a pile, of lionlike feathers
his tears shape the earth, deepest roundest curve
the trancendent weeper, brings joy when the sun rises up.

only in the lightning the storm lit up
only suffering ive found the wings to get around
reflections in the swamp was a mirror by the throne
to see what he has made and to taste that its okay.